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Heinrich Bobst                                             

Artistic career

Born in Zurich

1954 - 1912
School in  Balsthal, (unobtrusive artistic Talent)

1962 - 1965
Apprenticeship as Laboratory Assistant in a laboratory of von Roll AG:
1963 first welded object made of recycling material.

1965 - 1968
Winterthur Technical College, Chemistry Dept., finishing with diploma as Chemical Engineer. 1965 first activities in designing furniture. 1967 first photographic experiments as an exchange student in Ireland.

1968 - 1969
Assistant at the Technical College, Winterthur.

1969 - 1971
Research Chemist at Syntex Corp. in Freeprt, Bahamas. Continuation of photographic studies.

1971 - 1972
Chemical Engineer at Buss AG, Pratteln, Dept. R&D. Innovative, three-dimensional room objects made of PVC originate in connection with extrusion experiments for process optimising. Increased interest in contemporary art thanks to visits to the first Art Basel exhibitions.

1972 - 1993
Manager of a Profit Centre of Uni-Chemie AG, an affiliate of the then Juvena Group. Volketswil. From 1972, further development of ideas in the field of furniture design.

Emergence of first three-dimensional objects constructed out of iron wire and other materials.

Move to first House with its own workshop, mainly to be used for furniture design and  fabrication for private use.

First self-made ligt objects. Correspondence course in architecture and building technology.

1993 - 2001
Purchase of a controlling interest, together with other partners, of Induchem AG, which simultaneously took over 100 percent of the previous employer, Uni-Chemie AG. Member of different boards of directors. During this period there was unfortunately no time for artistic activities.

2001 - 2003
Sale of the shares of Induchem Holding AG. Intensive engagement with architecture and building of a new home, constructed mainly according to own ideas and concepts.

2003 - 2004
Continuing designing furniture and lamps. Conclusion of all professional activities as chemist and retirement from all boards of directors.

2005 - 2008
Intensive occupation with art and systematic advanced training in art history. Experimentation with various painting techniques and creation of characteristic three-dimensional objects and installations out of steel profiles.

Opening and operation of the Art Lab in Zurich.

First external exhibitions.

First 3Dobjects made out of dichroitic coated acrylic glass.

Expansion of the Art Lab by an additional floor.

Since 2012
Participation in different national and international exhibitions and artfaires, 2013 first solo exhibition, 2014 participation in Venice Biennale of Architecture
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