Sihlfeldstrasse 91, 8004 Zürich

The Idea

The Beginnings (Experiments)

After having finished my career as a chemist and entrepreneur, I have enthusiastically turned my energies to art. Scientists and artists have much in common. They are both curious, ask questions, query facts, both are highly creative and love experimenting. Throughout my life I always felt an affinity to art, so it seemed only logical to realize my ideas in an art laboratory.

My early experiments led to abstract art using acrylic paints and mixed techniques. The play of colours in the primarily expressive works on a rather aleatoric basis was compelling. Soon a tendency towards constructive and concrete art evolved.

Further Development (3D Objects)

The desire to develop my activities into the third dimension led me to construct welded steel objects with angled profiles. The resulting 3D objects made my inclination to continue with constructive concrete works clear. Also, a certain tendency towards minimal art became evident.

Current Emphasis (Present Focus)

The lack of colour in my steel constructions motivated me to continue my excursions in the third dimension using acrylic or mineral glass. I found dichroitic coated acrylic glass particularly fascinating.

Dichroitic coatings consist of extra thin films, which reflect the incoming light, partially on their surface, but also on the interface of the glass or acrylic glass. Thus interference effects come into play, which make the objects change colour according to the perspective of the viewer. They may appear like mirrors or even completely transparent. Thus, these objects are very difficult to describe and even more so to photograph. They have to be seen in reality.

The Lab (since 2008)

The Art Lab is a place for experiment and creativity. In the Gallery my own work and also objects by artist friends are shown (paintings, sculptures etc.). All objects can be purchased.

Everyone is welcome to visit the Art Lab anytime and with no obligation. It is a place for meeting, reflection and discussion. Normally I am present from 2 pm until late in the evening and people are welcome to just look in. If you wish to make a fixed appointment, please call my mobile phone: 079 277 33 01.

I look forward to your visit.

Yours Heinrich Bobst